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Staff Favorites - Shelby Griffiths

Shelby Griffiths
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2015 Skylark "Red Belly" North Coast Rhône Blend
Review Date: 12-05-2019
Skylark hits all the right notes with this Southern France inspired blend sourced from heritage vineyard sites across the North Coast. Carignane, Syrah, & Grenache synergize to create notes of refreshing raspberries, tart black plums, blackberry bushes, with a rustic touch of savory Mediterranean herbs. The tannins are seamlessly intertwined in this medium body wine, ending with a smooth, slightly creamy finish. I could not help but think about indulging in some BBQ & baby back ribs while enjoying this wine. Definitely going to keep some in the reserves at home for my next BBQ night.
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2016 Fratelli Barale "Serraboella" Barbaresco
Review Date: 10-25-2019
The word "gorgeous" immediately came to mind when I first experienced this wine. Incredibly perfumed and deeply layered nose that cohesively melds together in the glass. Layers of violets, fresh cherries, sage, orange peels, and blossoms, with a touch of white truffle to lend that classic old-world reminder. The structure is elegant, yet powerful, with a pronounced finish that unapologetically reminds you that this is Nebbiolo! A great wine to have just in time for the fall weather.

Patrice Colin "Perles Grises" Petillant Naturel Brut
Review Date: 10-25-2019
This is an incredibly fun and unique pet-nat made 100% from Pineau d'Aunis! Super crisp, with intense, mouthwatering notes of fresh red berries and salted plums, complemented by a savory pepper component, and rounded out with a touch of smokiness. I have never had a wine quite like it, and was overjoyed to be able to get my hands on this hard-to-find variety coming out of the Loire. This is one to show and share with your friends — that is, if you don't finish it all by yourself first.
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Russell's Reserve Single Barrel "#19-1108" (Rickhouse CN A, Floor 4) K&L Exclusive Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml)
Review Date: 10-17-2019
This barrel stood out to me with its friendly, charming quality. Golden apples, dried citrus peels, fresh caramel, sarsaparilla, with a touch of anise. The palate was very approachable, with an endearing sweetness. Uplifting, warm, and cheerful, this bourbon is like that friend that can always cheer you up when you're having a bad day.
Price: $64.99 Add To Cart

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel "#19-345" (Rickhouse CN F, Floor 6) K&L Exclusive Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml)
Review Date: 10-17-2019
I felt like each time I revisted this barrel it kept revealing something new, a deeper layer to me. At first on the nose I found notes of mocha & milk chocolate, that then evolved into a more herbaceous eucalyptus & tea tree character, all while having a subtle note of nuttiness, like Brazil nuts, lingering in the background. The palate was focused and attention grabbing with a sweet peppermint quality that enhanced this already complex experience. Definitely a whisky I would like have at home to have more time with, and share with friends.
Price: $64.99 Add To Cart

2017 Domaine de la Chaboissière Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie
Review Date: 09-19-2019
An incredibly complex wine at an even more incredible value! A nose of lantern cherries, almond blossom, wet river rock, with a little smoke and sourdough to really make this an extrodinary wine. Crispy and refreshing this wine is great to drink now, but this would also be a fun one to lay down and revisit in a few years.
Price: $11.99 Add To Cart

2018 Skouras Moscofilero Péloponnèse Greece
Review Date: 09-18-2019
This wine makes me want to go out to the farmers market, get a bunch of fresh produce, and make a nice fresh veggie dinner. The wine has an incredible floral and savory rosemary component that is married by a kiss of salinity. So crisp and refreshing, I feel I could spend a whole lazy afternoon outdoors with it. I think I found my next picnic companion.
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2018 Aurore Dezat Sancerre
Review Date: 09-04-2019
This wine is fresh to the max! Delightfully zippy, bursting with citrus, touches of wheatgrass & ending with that crisp mineral finish you expect from a great Sancerre. It's the prefect refreshment for the rest of the summer, and I think I might have just found my new post run treat.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart

2015 Bilancia "La Collina" Syrah Hawke's Bay New Zealand
Review Date: 08-30-2019
I will say it: I love Syrah. I have explored the world through glasses from the Rhone, the Barossa, and all the way to Amador, but I have truly never experienced a Syrah quite like this one before. This wine is intense and powerful! The structure sends your palate on thrill ride like a roller coaster, demanding your attention and keeping you on the edge of your seat. But at the same time there is a warm familiarity to this wine. Loads of savory spices, white and black pepper, fennel, mint... it brought me back to the much-anticipated dinners of my grandma's homemade fried chicken. And just like the chicken, my family and friends will be fighting for the last bits of this Syrah too.

2017 J. Wilkes Santa Maria Valley Pinot Blanc
Review Date: 08-14-2019
I enjoyed the J. Wilkes Pinot Blanc during an outdoor dinner party with friends, and it was the perfect start to our evening. The wine is incredibly versatile and pairs well with an array of foods. It possesses a nice crisp, savory, saline character that gets your mouth watering, preparing you for the meal to come. But then evolves into a rounded, honeyed, stone fruit expression that carries you through your meal. Refreshing, and elegant, this will be one of my top wines for spending relaxing evenings outdoors this summer.
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2016 Maillet, Pomerol
Review Date: 07-14-2019
Pomerol with power! The 2016 from Maillet is an elegant and plush wine with beautiful structure to carry it along across your palate. Delivering ripe black cherries, summer plums, with hints of violets and warm baking spices, this Bordeaux is set to capture your heart. This wine would make a great introduction to Bordeaux for any admirer of Napa wines curious about what France has to offer.
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart